zybach self reproducing pedestal 2
Self reproducing pedestal
Plywood, pneumatic bodies, pneumatic pumps - single part 38,5 x 11,8 inches Dimension var. (2002)
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The Installation “Self reproducing pedestal” is based on a sandwich construction of a layer of pneumatic bodies between two lattices from plywood. The modular construction developing from it is accessible. By entering the pedestral the pressure on a tire pump is used for filling further balloons. The volume of the base becomes larger in relation to the number of visitors running over it.
Piero Manzoni developed a series of various pneumatic bodies and pedestal objects. Their various ways of working allowed him to deal with a range of subjects. Among other things he was interested in ephemeral processes such as the bodily act of breathing and the network of relationships between author, viewer and exhibit.
His examination of biological processes, which form the basis for some of the projects, are also reflected in current research projects which attempt to construct machines based on biological principles. Here, it is the ability of biological systems to self-repair and reproduce that serves as a model.
Intensions similar to Manzoni's are also to found in other projects dealing with the status of the author. By means of the concept of self-reproduction, the author becomes the initiator or catalyst of a process which then on takes it own autonomous course - while observing certain defined rules. One example of this is the "Scultura vivente" project. In this work, people or objects are declared to be works of art when placed upon a wooden pedestal. This is hinted at by felt silhouettes of shoe soles, and with the inscription "whoever stands here becomes art".
The public's participation transforms the works elements - the pedestal, the pneumatic body and the principle of self-reproduction - into a unified installation..