zybach space frame potato chip 3
Space frame potato chip
Aluminium, Fabric, historical and
current newspaper pages
114 x 118 x 47,2 inches (2008)
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The starting point for the project Space Frame Potato Chip was a newspaper article that described a technology exchange between the space travel organization ESA and a packing company for potato chips. The goal of the packing technology is to provide the fastest possible secure transport of potato chips in bags. To this end, the landing technology used in spacecraft was transferred to a packing machine for potato chips.
The sculpture Space Frame Potato Chip combines the structure of a potato chip obtained using a 3D scan with a construction technique from the early years of flight that anticipates later space travel.
After his participation in the development of the telephone, patented in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell developed an interest in flying objects. He hypothesized that a properly constructed manned flying device would have to be able to fly like a kite. To obtain a stable and light structure, he developed a new construction method made of cloth-covered tetrahedron cells-comparable to the structure of the potato chip, which is filled with air by frying.