zybach twoo loops 1

Twoo loops (part 1)

7 x 4,3 inches (2003)
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Both parts of the two loops installation are based on industry standards which were established to regulate the otherwise unlimited nexus of IT and printing. The displayed objects are in a public park in Venice.
Several current magazines are laid out on a park bench. The original form of the magazines has been reduced to octavo dimensions. This was used at the inception of the typographical information system, by Venetian printer Aldus Manutius, who used it as a standard in his production process. A consequence of the post-hoc use of the process is that a portion of the information in the magazine is lost, leading to new visual and textual contents. In this way the magazine clearly fulfil the requirement of being new, a further standardisation in the developing information technology. The additional criterion of the newness of knowledge began to become relevant in the print media as a reaction to the continuous growth of the information stored.
The second part...